New Rooms Added During 2017 Remodeling

We have added new rooms! Whenever we set out to expand or refurbish any part of our 100 year old hotel in Glenwood Springs, we do everything we can to meld the charm of history with modern guest amenities. Our most recent restoration/renovation project has tied more of the history together providing more guest space and better foot traffic flow in our lobby!

A lot of time and effort went into finding the right way to structure some new found space that had been previously used for meetings and office tenants. Next time you visit, you will see that we have restructured our ground floor creating a circular flow through the new guest hallway connecting the lobby and plaza. Our old Boardroom meeting space was once a lawyer’s office and already had a built in 2nd level, so rather than losing the space or having to restructure much more than just this area we found a way to use it in a unique way. The result is now the new multi-level Cooper View Rooms.

After working closely with the architects, engineers, and contractors, we came up with a new and improved layout to use the newly acquired space. This required adjusting the Mona Lisa women’s boutique from entry inside the hotel to now being a true storefront on the corner of our building on Cooper Street with access from Cooper Street for shoppers. Next door to the Mona Lisa is, new this year, the Fourth Dimension men’s boutique. Access to this new store is also from Cooper Street.

Then, we were able to create three new guest rooms! We have added a new Pet Free Double Queen, Room 193. Now there is also a new Interior Queen, Pet Free Room, 194. Finally, a new category; Patio View, Pet Free Room, 195, was created from space of a previous tenant.

We worked extra careful to uncover the old brick that had layers of drywall covering it. We also had to knock through an old exterior wall to unite the spaces into one that flows through as if it had always been there.

These rooms are no exception to the added thought and touches our Owners, The Carvers, put into everything they do. All rooms feature exposed brick, high ceilings with a loft atmosphere, cozy quilts, and tranquil color scheme for relaxation while visiting.

The best way to reserve these rooms and ensure you book the Double Queen or the Interior Queen, even if booking online, is to request them in your comments or by following with a call to us, directly, so that we can ensure to guarantee you in these rooms. The Patio View & Cooper View Rooms can only be booked by calling directly as they are not listed as part of our online inventory.