Room With a Brew Package is Popular

May 16, 2011

When everybody is watching their leisure travel budget these days, taking advantage of Glenwood Springs package deals is just plain smart. Save money and get more value out of your visit with our popular “Room With a Brew” package.

For starters, “Room With a Brew” gets you a preferred rate on your choice of our unique and varied hotel rooms. So, you are already ahead of the game. We also include two passes to the Glenwood Springs Hot Springs Pool. It’s likely that a pool visit is on your list of things to do when visiting Glenwood. After all, it is the largest hot springs pool in the world! At this point, you are probably wondering what “brew” has to do with all of this? It just so happens that Glenwoods’ own Glenwood Canyon Brewing Company is housed within our hotel! This is convenient for more reasons than one… to round out this package, we include a $20 credit at the brewpub where you can choose to sample the brews or eat some delicious food. That’s up to you!

It’s easier than ever before to enjoy this package deal; call us toll free or make an online reservation, choosing the “Room with a Brew” package option when checking availability and room rates. Cheers!